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TOP MOLD Capacity

TOP MOLD made more than 30 sets of 1300 x1000x800mm precision mold (each mold with

multiple Slide and lifters) for a famous aerospace company in August 2014. We completed this

big project only took 3-4 weeks from mold design to the T1 trial (including texture and engraving,

normal leadtime for such this big project is 7 weeks). Even more noteworthy is all the T1

products' qualification rate reached 98%. It means TOP MOLD made great progress again in

technology innovation, quality control and process management, and achieving successful

manufacture big project within very short cycle. This is TOP MOLD achieve another great

breakthrough in leading technology and processing capacity after mastering technology of

thin-wall mold. It is also for us another important milestone in TOP MOLD growth history.


TOP MOLD Services

TOP MOLD as a professional mold brand maker, we actively constitute strategic partners with 

the same field to reach resource complementarity, take international perspective to provide

customers with more level and wide angle of high-end brand products' manufacturing services.

We are committed to provide customers with part research and developing, rapid prototyping,

mold design and manufacturing, part processing and injection molding etc services. Our

products cover Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Electronic, food and daily necessities

packaging solutions, health products etc fields. To design and manufacturing high quality mold

and products for customers is our final service tenet and purpose.

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