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Quality Assurance

Top Mold and Plastic Product Limited is committed to meeting our customer’s
expectations of quality, cost reduction, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.
Quality Assurance System meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and TS16949.

Top Mold and Plastic Product Limited maintains continuous improvement and investment
in plant, engineering and technology, machining and inspection equipments, as well as
the staff well being and training.

Inspection Capability:
●  Optical Projector
●  Hardness scale
●  DCC Coordinate Measuring Machines
●  Color Instrument
●  Depth Gauge
●  Microscope...

Quality Management

Our main QC Processes are as follows for prototyping and production:
1. Document and Data Control... to assure the most current data is being used.
2. Process Control... to insure the part is correct the first time and each time thereafter.
3. Inspection and testing... To avoidance of a poor quality part being passed on to the
next step.
4. Inspection and Measuring Instruments and Equipment Control... assures all test and
inspection results are correct, uniform and meaningful.
5. ISIR report and CPK report …to ensure all the dimensions are within specification and
production status are steadily.
6. Non-conforming Product Control... avoids shipment of poor quality parts.
7. Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery... insures customer
satisfaction of their product from order entry to final delivery.

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